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About Healthcare Whiz

Healthcare Whiz is dedicated to arming healthcare consumers with the knowledge necessary to make educated choices in their selection of medical care by delving into how the business of healthcare works in the United States. Our goal is to provide an easy to use resource for everyday healthcare consumers that offers essential information on how the healthcare system works and ties the entire patient experience picture together in an understandable and concise way.

From the basics, such as the components of a health insurance plan, to more complex issues, such as reimbursement rates, quality metrics, and healthcare legislation, Healthcare Whiz aims to be a resource to empower consumers in their medical decisions. We truly believe that having a solid understanding of the healthcare system and being consciously aware of the healthcare options available will allow consumers to make repeated informed decisions that will result in overall maximization of quality (defined as the quality of medical care one receives), service (defined as how enjoyable a patient experience one has throughout the medical care process), and affordability (defined as cost-savings that can be achieved by making informed choices in medical care). This is a concept Healthcare Whiz refers to as QSA Optimization.

As one explores Healthcare Whiz, he or she will notice links in each section to other information on the site. This is intentional as we're attempting to demonstrate how all of the subjects are interwoven and allow the reader to find information easily if a topic is mentioned that requires further clarification. Also, don't miss the "Essential QSA Knowledge" section under each topic. This is where we attempt to highlight key takeaways that build on the general knowledge presented on each subject.

Why Utilize Healthcare Whiz?

The Healthcare Whiz team is comprised of experienced healthcare administration professionals who have been disconcerted by the lack of easy to access and user friendly resources on the complicated and convoluted business of healthcare delivery in the United States. It's no wonder that many patients we speak to express a limited understanding of healthcare. You shouldn't have to work in healthcare to understand the healthcare system. Everything from choosing the right health insurance plan, to choosing the right provider, to choosing the appropriate setting in which to receive medical care affects patients from quality, service, and cost perspectives, among others. Every American has been or will be a healthcare patient, and Healthcare Whiz believes consumers should have the information necessary to make informed decisions.

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